Old World Rum

Rum starts with a fundamental ingredient: sugar cane. Our estate purchased sugar cane is hand-harvested. The resulting molasses, a viscous byproduct, is then rushed to the distillery.  

The second part of the process is fermentation. The molasses is slow fermented in stainless steel tanks before being masterfully distilled in small batches with an eye (and nose!) towards retaining its character and aroma. 

The final part of the process is the long wait. Our rum is barrel aged for a minimum of 12 years. It should be noted, however, 12 years is the minimum number. We blend older rums, up to 18 years, into the bottles to create the smoothest, most beautiful rum on the market today.

Plantation Sugarcane

The source of our rum comes from hand-harvested estate-produced sugar cane. The molasses is immediately rushed to the distillery to be produced..

Old World Tech

Discarding the wisdom of centuries of knowledge would be a mistake, so we combine the Old with the New. Slow-fermentation & distillation are the keys to our handcrafted rum.

White Oak Barrels

Our rum is aged in American White Oak ex-bourbon barrels to extract the greatest flavor and smoothest taste. The rum is aged for a minimum of 12 years.