What is Tropically Aged?

Rums from the Caribbean age quicker than spirits aged in the United States and/or Europe due to the tropical climate and heat. Put simply, it's the way rum should be aged.  

Complexity & Maturity

Skull Coast rum, which has been tropically aged for a minimum of 12 years, has a complexity and maturity similar to an American or European spirit more than twice its age.  


Why American White Oak?

Our barrels are ex-Bourbon barrels

Once the manufacturing process is complete, our rum is aged in American White Oak ex-bourbon barrels. With the Caribbean having the ideal climate for aging rum, the barrels impart both flavor and color to our rum. Unlike other less-expensive rums on the market, however, we do not artificially color a fresh or young rum to create a gold color. What you see with Skull Coast rum is what came out of the barrel.   

What is "The Angel's Share?"

Aging & Evaporation effect price

What goes into our ex-bourbon American White Oak barrels does not come out. As the rum ages, humidity evaporates small portions of alcohol. This evaporation is called, "The Angel's Share." Given our tropical aging in the Caribbean, more than a small portion evaporates over the years. "The Angel's Share," in our case, is far more than typical for an aged rum. But, we wouldn't have it any other way. The Angles appreciate quality!   

For more information on our blending and aging process, please do not hesitate to contact us.